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diversion / baseball games! old baseball games

it’s beginning to feel a lot like … Opening DaySnow flurries aside, it is getting to be baseball season, finally. If you’ve been following the game for a while, there will be something in this compilation on SBNation that will

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Sunday diversion / where's baseball and why is Tim M not missing?

my TV guide is brokenIf you can help me find Game 5 of the 2012 World Series on television, I’d appreciate it. I know I lost track a while back, but I figure it has to be on on some

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Sunday diversion / good baseball numbers

use your power for good, not for evil (or boredom)Baseball stat geeks are sometimes boring, sometimes stupid as well as trivial (as in “Johnny Littlebat is hitting .350 in Tuesday day games, but at .180 he can’t buy a hit

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Sunday diversion / baseball and Camus, seriously

but first, a more diverting diversionIt is better the older you are, I think. (How often do you get to say that?) Posnanski tracks major league baseball player quality by birth year. heavier stuff, but a diversion for mePart II

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weekend diversion / baseball in the dark ages (1986!)

oh frabjous day!On this afternoon before the AL rep takes a 2-1 World Series lead, here is a fun post from a real baseball fan remembering A Big Baseball Day from 25 years ago. (My … how we have aged!)

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