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55 Liberty Street loft sells at $785/ft, up (only) 8% since 2004

an acquired taste, acquired slowlyI get it that the downtown-est part of downtown Manhattan is not a hot hot hot area for residential sales (lofts or otherwise), but the Greater FiDi has seen a lot of new condo and rentals

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NY Mag goes there: do coop boards reject prices as 'too low'?

real sources, with real storiesI am tempted to try to find that Soho loft that leads the short S.Jhoanna Robledo October 23 piece in New  York Magazine that is making the rounds of the blogosphere and twitterverse (The Dealbreakers /

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39 Worth Street loft finally closes, makes the papers

out of my leagueThe Manhattan loft #3E at 39 Worth Street finally sold last week, but that’s not why it made the papers. The buyer is a hotshot young designer who used to live on the Lower East Side, a

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what about that (not yet) New Construction across the street?

  good, or bad? yes and noI had a kind of cocktail party conversation with someone who may be buying very near a high profile (pun intended) proposed Major Real Estate Development in a prime part of Manhattan. Long story

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power of a coop board to reject a deal as “too low”??

protecting shareholders from market value???The Real Deal on-line June 16 flagged an interesting little item in a relatively obscure periodical that is mostly read (if at all) by Manhattan coop and condo boards, Habitat Magazine. With a tip of the

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door or dollars? cost v. benefits for attended lobby

a reader writesI have had an off-line email dialogue with a condo board member about the pros and cons of having an attended lobby in a Manhattan loft building downtown, in her case, part-time. On the one hand, some owners "just

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