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Sunday diversion / 20 days to America's game, boy division

you’ve been counting down, right?…So you know that the first day for pitchers and catchers to report to any major league baseball spring training site is February 18, February 19 for the Yankees, and February 21 for a hoping-to-not-finish-last team

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Sunday diversion / baseball and Camus, seriously

but first, a more diverting diversionIt is better the older you are, I think. (How often do you get to say that?) Posnanski tracks major league baseball player quality by birth year. heavier stuff, but a diversion for mePart II

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Sunday diversion / baseball links edition

the only game in townNot to go all emo on ya, but Manhattan Loft Guy can be a snob about more things than lofts. Baseball makes that (short?) list. In a week in which the sports pages have been dominated

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Sunday diversion: Sullivan channels Posnanski about … movies?

… without once mentioning baseballI guess I should stop being surprised by the breadth of Andrew Sullivan’s musings about the world as-is and as-it-should-be. Perhaps he surprised for the last time me last week when he (one of my favorite

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