Sunday diversion / baseball links edition

the only game in town
Not to go all emo on ya, but Manhattan Loft Guy can be a snob about more things than lofts. Baseball makes that (short?) list. In a week in which the sports pages have been dominated by NFL vs. NFLPA news, I particularly resent football. C’mon folks: it is baseball season, with second place teams in all divisions within 1.5, 1.5, 2, 2, 3 and 5 games of the division leaders after 100+ games. And the non-waiver trade deadline is today.

This one is cute, but I wish it had been extended (and extended again): history of the game in one Facebook page

Props to any effort to eliminate (cut down) The Wave (never seen one at Yankee Stadium, but then I haven’t been there very often since The Strike)

On a more serious note, I really dislike Bonds but Posnanski is probably right (as usual) about Skinny Barry

Five MLB teams have scored 500+ runs; 3 are in the AL East. Yanks and Red Sox have Run Differentials 50% higher than any other AL team, 30% higher than the NL-leading Phils, and more than 5x higher than the 4th ranked AL team. Only six AL teams have positive Run Differentials; four are in the AL East.

Don’t talk to me about Plax, or 85, or Fat Albert until after the World Series, please.

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