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no lofts diversion about blue skies + how the internet works (+ doesn’t)

context is hard to convey in a quick hit I love the Bad Astronomy guy at Slate, Phil Plait. Like the recently departed from Slate Matthew Yglesias, Plait has a gift for asking simple questions that (eventually) have simple answers,

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a holiday no-Manhattan-lofts diversion is about being thankful to be alive on earth

from one who knows (about earth, not Manhattan lofts) Perhaps I am selling retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield short in supposing that he doesn’t know anything about Manhattan lofts (he is, after all, An Amazing Fellow), but he is most

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diversion is about America’s greatest game

(and some lovely writing) I’d never heard of Jordan Ellenberg (a professor of mathematics at the University of Wisconsin) before reading a lovely little piece he wrote on Slate, but I will try to pay enough attention hereafter you be aware

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Sunday diversion captures church photography in a new way

the Slate title says it all “Capturing a Stunning Church from Entrance to Altar, in One Image” does just that, with a couple of examples from Manhattan.

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diversion: late score seals the win

believe it or not, not everyone is talking about it You know the setting … late in the high stakes match a guy on the visiting team scores in a most improbable fashion just a few ticks of the clock

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another pictorial diversion is probably bigger than you can imagine

a Manhattan Loft Guy diverting trend continuesThis makes the fourth pictorial diversion in the new year on this blog. I started the year with a collection of very many very diverting photos of Manhattan lofts (January 1, some diverting loft

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NFL guy sells loft at 347 West 39 Street, Observer gets facts wrong (again)

preferring puns to fact-checkingIf you are tired of Manhattan Loft Guy bashing The New York Observer for getting details wrong about Manhattan loft sales, don’t tell me; try this: editorial@observer.com. Today’s bash is, as usual, from a link on The

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New Listings + Sales of Manhattan lofts in last 7 days

This is my third report on the number, price distribution and neighborhood distribution for Manhattan lofts reported as new to the market or as closed sales in the last 7 days. For information about how I get this stuff and

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