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noisy neighbors / what if it’s you they are complaining about?

some advice, freely given, worth …?I had one of those friend-of-a-friend-of-a-client conversations this week about a noise-related New York real estate issue that the FOAFOAC has. I was then thinking about sending the guy (let’s call him “M” to make

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hard to believe we are talking again about coop boards' power to reject price as too low

if New York Times front pages it, ‘we’ are talking about itI will confess to a dropped jaw on seeing tha main article in this past Sunday’s New York Times Real Estate section: Board to Buyer: Nah. Not at That

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“price floors”: the staggering stupidity of some coop boards

a good topic for April foolsIt is not an especially fresh story, but some Manhattan residential real estate stories are timeless in a I can’t believe this comes up again kind of way. The New York Daily News ran a

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diligence due + negligence committed as West 15 Street lofts + East 15 Street apartments lose views

NY Times tells tales of intrigue, hubrisTerrific piece by VToy in today’s Sunday real estate section of the New York Times, Is That A Bulldozer I Hear? The subtle take-away is that New York City apartment or loft owners who

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prime Soho original artist loft at 100 Wooster sells immediately for $600/ft

another one bites the dustThe “2,000 sq ft” “classic”, “quintessential”, “rare”, “authentic” artist loft I hit last week (July 21, no mistaking the condition of artist loft at 184 Grand Street that sold for $710/ft) sold for (you guessed, right?)

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throwing a coop board interview can come with a high price

the Barbara Corcoran experienceThere is a fascinating AP interview with Barbara Corcoran on-line yesterday, which The Real Deal excerpts (badly) this morning. TRD picks out some nuggets, which started me in a different direction this morning in thinking about a

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TYAToMLG / the power (or wisdom) of a coop board rejecting a buyer because of price

Two Years Ago Today on Manhattan Loft GuyAbout the legal authority of a coop board to reject a purchase to ‘protect’ shareholders, and whether that makes any sense: power of a coop board to reject a deal as "too low"??

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can a condo board remove a member??

discrimination article, revisitedChristine Haughney’s March 7 Appraisal feature in the New York Times (East Side, West Side, Bias Claims Abound) made a big splash in the inter-tubes, with many comments about the merits (or lack thereof) in the claims by

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shredding the fabric: a building's culture is endangered when financial treason is discovered

long ago Manhattan Loft Guy promise, fulfilledWhen last I touched on the low-life property manager who cheated at least 19 buildings (including “high-end coops and condos” in Manhattan, at least a few of which I know to be lofts) out

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thieving coop and condo property manager pleads guilty

we were speaking of crooks…A soon-to-be-former-NYS-senator was the foil for Friday’s post about a cynical lack of morality within the Manhattan real estate industrial complex (September 17, the (low) morals of the Real Estate Industrial Complex, politics division); today I

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