Month: July 2011

43 Wooster Street penthouse loft closes off 6% since 2006, at one-third 2007 asking price

sometimes, words fail … Oct 19, 2002 sold $3,156,696       Sept 13, 2006 sold $4,171,000       Aug 11, 2007 new to market $12,500,000 Nov 19   $9,500,000 Jan 30, 2008 hiatus   April 17 back on

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Sunday diversion / World Cup edition

it’s time to Release The WambachWith only the most perfunctory apologies to Liam Neeson and the "writers" of the 2010 release Clash of the Titans I have stolen one of the few iconic elements of the oh-so-cheesy film, Zeus’ summoning

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45 Lispenard loft sale meets the past from the other direction

score one for The New York ObserverNetiquette requires that I note a factually correct Manhattan loft sale catch by The New York Observer, having snarked on their sorry ass ‘fact-checking’ only yesterday. Whatever ACRIS filters they use, they again beat

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interesting loft sale at 260 Fifth Avenue, but Observer gets it wrong

why do they do that?The New York Observer reported yesterday that the Manhattan loft on the 8th floor at 260 Fifth Avenue sold for $3.95mm but, as you will see in a minute, it didn’t. It was a newsworthy event

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penthouse loft at 121 West 20 Street beats Peak, but is it rational?

by 2%, but it is somethingOf course you know that any single number to summarize The Market (whether the entire Manhattan residential real estate market or the loft niche) smooths out a great deal of data noise. Some data points

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a Tuesday diversion / vintage Manhattan photos 1941, 1942

driving me crazy, and you?Don’t click here if you don’t have a few minutes, because you will be late to your next appointment or call. It is a collection of 63 color photographs taken by a visiting businessman, nearly all

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victim of 2009 chill, 395 Broadway loft sells quickly at premium

timing = everything. price tooI am not sure there was anything the sellers of the Manhattan loft #10C at 395 Broadway could have done to get a sale back in the day, but I am sure the sellers did what

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moving to Atalanta loft from WAY uptown

distance is not the only measureI could play around a bit about the price at which the Manhattan loft #12C at 25 N. Moore Street (the 2001 conversion-with-much-punching-out-of-windows Atalanta) sold for in a private transaction on May 26 ($2.5mm for

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why did Chelsea Mercantile loft sell within 3% of The Peak?

Field of Dreams pricing, maybeWhen the Manhattan loft #15-I at 252 Seventh Avenue in the Manhattan Loft Guy fave Chelsea Mercantile sold on June 9 at $3.65mm it wasn’t a man-bites-dog story like my July 5, man bites dog! 49

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Lion's Head loft sale hits the number at 26% over 2006

patience can be over-rated, PrudenceSometimes The Market provides data that show Manhattan loft longitudinal trends in just a few data points. Note that the only meaningful difference between the sales histories of two lofts that sold recently at the Lion’s

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