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a diversion worth a super day?

back in the saddle again, if briefly I held off blogging this piece from last week’s New York Times Sunday Magazine, as it is ever more timely today. The provocative headline, Is It Immoral To Watch the Super Bowl?, provokes,

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no-Manhattan-lofts diversion is back to football, violently

the hits just keep on coming Does anyone else feel it? Perhaps because I am sensitized to these articles, I am seeing dribs and drabs of media reports and commentaries that are dribbier and drabbier than what has come before.

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diversion about nomenclature in a different sport during BASEBALL season (sorry)

  words have meaning, no? Thoughtful piece that I missed last week by the thoughtful guy who has the impossible job of being ombudsman for ESPN, So what if ESPN refused to use the R-word? If you’re already familiar with

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Sunday diversion into one of the meccas of college football, but not why you think

making progress, pilgrim?I long ago gave up on college football as a source for entertainment, not merely because my alma mater was more famous in my day for losing football (not in my day as bad as this 1994-2000 streak,

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Sunday diversion is not so super, unless …

you are a baseball fanI am reliably informed through various media that today is the last day of the football season. Finally! In honor of that, and the fact that pitchers and catchers report to spring training (officially) in two

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out-of-season Sunday diversion / “football” in a baseball weekend

it is not really about footballOn a crisp fall day like today, the time is right for … post-season baseball. Two NL games today, and I believe that the Tigers are also playing somebody today. So today’s diversion comes (well)

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Sunday diversion / baseball links edition

the only game in townNot to go all emo on ya, but Manhattan Loft Guy can be a snob about more things than lofts. Baseball makes that (short?) list. In a week in which the sports pages have been dominated

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Sunday diversion / low-life Super Bowl edition

do not read if you are a Big Ben fanI understand there is a football game this evening, one in which I do not have a natural fan preference for either team. But I do have a very strong preference

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Sunday diversion / a sports guy goes schizo on a local team

… and writes today’s Quote Of The Day, thusly: J-E-T-S? Really? You’re thrilled with yourselves for spelling a four-letter word? Try cheering for Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. I’m rooting for them today (boo Ben boo!), but this made

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