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a seasonal no-lofts diversion is not about that (this) season

but it does involve the shortest day of the year Let others divert with visions of sugar plums, etc, today is the shortest day of the year, which means it is the darkest day of the year, which means that

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diversion: the baseball I told you so edition

a new day dawnsThe big baseball news of the week made my jaw drop when it hit alert screens all over the inter-tubes. (No, speculation about Yankee 3rd basepeople does not qualify as “news”.) When Ryan Braun (and the toughest

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diversion / needlessly painful baseball

stop me if you’ve heard this beforeIf you are a mild baseball fan you are aware that catchers take a lot of punishment; a more serious fan is aware that Yankee catcher Francisco Cervelli suffered a broken hand last week

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Sunday diversion / no joy in Mudville, or in Baltimore, Washington or Oakland

dreams die hardLet’s not talk about the League Championship Series yet, bad breaks and all. (I know that is difficult, fellow Yankee fans, but indulge me.) Focus instead on the glory of the Division Series, and tip your cap to

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Sunday diversion / a baseball cornucopia for geeks & sentimentalists

you have to start with Pythagorus and the OriolesWhen last seen on Manhattan Loft Guy, Pythagorus was waving his finger at the Baltimore Orioles, predicting doom, sooner or later (July 8, Sunday diversion: of Pythagorus and baseball odds). Since then,

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Sunday diversion is not so super, unless …

you are a baseball fanI am reliably informed through various media that today is the last day of the football season. Finally! In honor of that, and the fact that pitchers and catchers report to spring training (officially) in two

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winter snow + sleet diversion / no football edition

pitchers, catchers applying liniment alreadyAs Sammy Cahn would say, the weather outside is frightful. Although the word on the street is that there is some football to be played tomorrow (in frightful weather of a different sort?), the real sports

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28 Laight Street loft sale under-performs neighbor's sale

not like young Yankee pitchersThe Manhattan loft #5C at 28 Laight Street (Cobblestone Lofts, converted to condominiums in 2001) came to market last Fall just two days after the neighbor downstairs in loft #2B went to contract. These neighboring lofts

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Sunday diversion / baseball links edition

the only game in townNot to go all emo on ya, but Manhattan Loft Guy can be a snob about more things than lofts. Baseball makes that (short?) list. In a week in which the sports pages have been dominated

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Saturday diversion / flawed sportsman edition

the best game, a complicated star(No, not tomorrow’s game.) Props to Andy Pettitte on retiring. It was a pleasure to watch him all those years, all those Octobers, and darn they are going to miss him. (If you are a

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