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is publicity hurting 95 Greene Street resales?

[UPDATE – I changed the title and first sub-head just after posting, when I realized my main point was a different one … the perils of blogging!] [a substantive update from June 27 below] even as #4A closes up 13%

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95 Greene Street, deadbeat condo owners, and small building risk

[updated]the inter-tubes are burningChristine’s Haughney’s latest Appraisal feature in the New York Times about war litigation in the condo loft 95 Greene Street has been flying around the ‘net and the twitterverse since it hit the web yesterday afternoon. A

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rare Manhattan coop foreclosure set for Broome Street loft

bring an artist certificate?A couple of story lines intersect on Broome Street this month. The first has to do with the dip in foreclosures in New York City since 2009 and their relative scarcity in Manhattan; the second has to

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loft developer in default at 654 Broadway

crunched by numbersNot a pretty story reported in The Real Deal (last Friday, on line) about a Manhattan loft developer default, CIT Group sues for $12M at Noho condo site. I don’t have a lot of any experience running numbers

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the (boring) details about building financials that can prevent your loft from selling

  especially smaller loft buildings I have heard a couple of stories in the last few weeks from an agent and a mortgage lender about how some of the arcana about a Manhattan coop’s or condo’s finances make it difficult or

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