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unique lofts like penthouse at edge of West Village are hard to comp

comping is, of course, hard, yet harder for some lofts than for others The word “unique” is vastly over-used in Manhattan real estate broker babble, where grammar misdemeanors can modify that word in ways that can be aggravating. I have

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the $2.5 million Manhattan loft solution, in the East Village, NoLIta & West Village

variety is, as they say, the spice of life in a downtown Manhattan loft So far, deeds have been filed for 34 lofts sold in April, as reflected on my Master List of downtown Manhattan loft sales under $6 million.

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diversion is not about lofts, but about Manhattan real estate

perhaps not very diverting, but there you go Sheesh … the last weekend of the year already. I’ve noted a few End Of Year Review type pieces for future comment, most of which I will likely never get around to

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Gansevoort loft at 321 West 13 Street sells for a very high price, but not a record (alas)

it’s been that kind of seasonWhether driven by fear of the 2013 tax man or just by a collection of macro economic factors (ha! January 4, in which Manhattan Loft Guy bravely calls BS on the Market Trend Meme Of

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another small loft on so many levels sells high at 130 Barrow Street

how does it measure up?The folks who just bought the “763 sq ft” Manhattan (mini) loft #404 at 130 Barrow Street must be fans of steps. On a small foot print, you get a choice as you enter to take

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renowned designer created 'masterpiece' loft for himself at 130 Barrow Street, parts with it for money

can you say sui generis on a real estate blog?If you have ever been in lofts in this building you will not recognize the “704 sq ft” Manhattan loft #309 at 130 Barrow Street, which just sold. Lofts here are

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more than 18 months to contract for 377 West 11 Street loft

only 2 price changes, less than 10% totalYou’d think that a Manhattan loft on the market from August 2010 into 2012 would need more than a 10% price drop to sell(if you are like me, that is.) I still think

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Los Angeles loft lover buys mini-loft at 720 Greenwich Street

lack of east coast windows is no biggieWould you trade a “1,486 sq ft” downtown loft in a former toy factory with great open city views for a “700 sq ft” West Village loft in a former printing factory with

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151 West 17 Street loft sells up 9% in 16 months

at least everyone made moneyFrom a karmic perspective, it is nice that the “1,917 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6A at 151 West 17 Street (the Campiello Collection) has a fairly straight line sales history, with no hiccups or plunges: Dec

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is this a $625k renovation of a 1,200 sq ft loft at 720 Greenwich Street?

Manhattan Loft Guy report, you decideThe footprint of the “A” line of The Tower in the West Village at 720 Greenwich Street is pretty funky, as Manhattan lofts go. It winds around an obtuse corner (2 exposures!) with enough of

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