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diversion is not about lofts, but about Manhattan real estate

perhaps not very diverting, but there you go Sheesh … the last weekend of the year already. I’ve noted a few End Of Year Review type pieces for future comment, most of which I will likely never get around to

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44 Laight Street, where another flipper scarfed most of the gain, but did he work for it?

we’ve seen this movie beforeIt is some news that the “4,021sq ft” Manhattan loft #4A at 44 Laight Street (Grabler Building) sold on August 17 at $4.06mm, give that it last sold in December 2006 at $3.75mm, as that post-2006

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more on that $100,000 view in small loft at 150 Nassau Street, with a Landmarks bonus

different values to different buyersI am not going to say that The Guy I profiled yesterday who traded one small loft at 150 Nassau Street for $876/ft for another small loft on the same floor at $1,020/ft kept me up

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why would bully developer sucker punch a fact-based blogger about Chelsea rowhouse renovation?

no punches thrown in a while; is the bully tired? or satisfied?I saw this kerfluffle reported on Curbed way back in August, but I was on vacation in California then and the story looked to be still developing. Since then

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