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Flatiron loft gains 71% over 2010, 5% over ask, for no apparent reason

Manhattan lofts with outdoor space sometimes do weird things The “1,280 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2W at 11 West 18 Street that just sold for the very crooked number of $2,101,111 was purchased by these recent sellers in October 2010.

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142 West 26 Street loft epitomizes “loft”, also “bidding war”

  (some) details matter If you took a too-quick look at the New York Post’s Just Sold! feature last Thursday, you saw the (yes!) recently sold “1,700 sq ft” Manhattan loft #12B at 142 West 26 Street at kind of

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141 West 17 Street loft seller takes forever to sell at 7% discount

if at first you don’t succeed …?We’ve had two recent posts about rather long marketing campaigns that ended rather badly for the sellers. (November 6, 21 East 22 Street loft sells after long, painful price discovery, and November 10, 59

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25 West 15 Street loft with unusual layout + funky colors closes at rough parity with downstairs loft

fresh nearby comps should be easier to applyI bet that the walls in the “1,800 sq ft” Manhattan loft coop on the 7th floor at 25 West 15 Street have been where they are for 20+ years. The floor plan

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43 West 21 Street penthouse loft dresses up (a little) to close up (a lot: $1.1 million!) since 2007

going all white on yaI have been poring over the pictures and floor plans comparing the recent sale and June 2007 sale of the Manhattan loft at the top of 43 West 21 Street, trying to find seven figures of

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working artist leaves Tribeca for … the East Side?? the New York Times hunts for the reason

oyAs with so many searches profiled in The Hunt feature in the Sunday New York Times real estate section, there is a logic to the decision made by today’s Hunt-er (Space Wanted for Living and Painting) that took him from

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One Bed Wonder at Glass Farmhouse lofts goes for $4mm

a very large One Bed WonderThe New York Observer observed late last week that A Famous Photographer just sold a penthouse of 2 long-combined lofts and roof terrace at 448 West 37 Street [the Glass Farmhouse] for $4mm. While the

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huge raw space at 17 West 17 Street off 25% from peak

not a surprise, but interestingThe last time Manhattan Loft Guy visited the mongrel building 17 West 17 Street was way back on May 22, 2007, is 4,600 sq ft enough? 2 chances at 17 W 17 St, it was evident

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they gave the roof away to close the 158 West 23 Street penthouse

very, very, very weakThe Manhattan loft conversion at 158 West 23 Street started marketing in mid-2007, offering floor-through lofts of "1,865 sq ft" that were offered as open spaces with full kitchens and (usually) (only) 1.5 baths. I.e., not exactly

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the importance of managing expectations

why set buyer up for disappointment?I hope it will shock no one to hear that not all high-priced Manhattan lofts are perfect. Some, indeed, have gross deficiencies. There is an interesting dance to marketing one of these lofts: playing up

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