Month: November 2010

270 Broadway loft is another price-to-sell quick sale, in a surprisingly efficient market

closes off 12% from 2007 but very near ask You are entitled to a different opinion, but I never tire of noting the quick Manhattan loft sales where the loft was priced around (or below!) the last sale price. The

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gossiping about a Mudd Club beat down, as 77 White Street loft sells off 3% in 4 years

music + television + art, with commerceCurbed on Monday had the outlines of the story about the sale of the Manhattan loft 77 White Street #3 on November 4. Their angle was the (quasi?) celebrity status of the seller (“Gossip

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Miller's nuggets on Manhattan absorption: coops + downtown stronger

meaningful? maybe not until there’s more dataThe Miller has a Matrix post today chewing over some of his “absorption” data, now that he has more than a year of absorption data. He is most interested today in the 2009 to

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flight or fight? the disappointed seller’s conundrum, 30 East 21 Street and 205 West 19 Street lofts edition

persist? or take a time out?There’s a hard decision to be made at some point by every loft seller who is disappointed that The Market does not love the loft as it should, second only to the harder decision as

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Sunday diversion: children's rhymes + songs

your favorite?Some clever woman with a lot of time on her hands researched nursery rhymes and silly songs from her (and my) childhood, finding some odd verses, some downright disturbing verses. My personal favorite is #5, which proves to me

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primo penthouse loft renovation in prime Soho prompts $1,400/ft sale at 561 Broadway

raw rest of floor sold around the The PeakHere’s an interesting comparison of two very large penthouse lofts on the same floor of the same building, one selling as a total gut job right around The Peak of the Manhattan

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did the NY Times just write a front page obituary for the Soho real estate market?

  [UPDATE Dec 17: I just put up a new post, attempting to summarize (highlight might be a better word) from the treasure trove of comments to this thread. Keep those cards and letters coming! and see this cheat sheet: 

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nice flipping loft at 49 Howard Street

aka 307 Canal StreetThis building caught my eye this week when I noted the Manhattan loft #3N at 49 Howard Street was sold on October 13 to a Swedish couple for $1.9mm after having been bought in February 2008 for

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131 Watts Street penthouse loft asks: if you can’t sell in 2006, 2007, 2008, or 2009 …

… can you sell in 2010?If a Manhattan loft owner tried to sell in each year since 2006 without success until two weeks ago, he deserves ample credit for Trying. But does that credit outweigh the Demerits he earned by

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another neighbor extorted, as Queer Eye tires of “Soho”, leaves 505 Greenwich Street loft for Chelsea

there’s nothing like leverageThe Wall Street Journal has the story today about loft owners at 505 Greenwich Street who so wanted additional space that they hugely overpaid to help the semi-famous neighbor next door realize that it was time for

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