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Lion's Head loft sells above ask after changing firms

unnecessarily?Trust me: nobody cares about how real estate agents do other than real estate agents. The recent sale of the “1,511 sq ft” plus “170 sq ft” terraced Manhattan loft #2B at 121 West 19 Street (the Lion’s Head) looks

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different story for this Chelsea House loft: started with Lehman, ended up off 22%, but up 6.5% lifetime

fighting or flighting, double reduxWhen I started yesterday’s post about a recent sale at 130 West 19 Street (February 11, persistence pays for Chelsea House loft (that, and the right price)) I actually intended to write about a different loft

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persistence pays for Chelsea House loft (that, and the right price)

and a willingness to take a hitA quick look at the listing history of the Manhattan loft #7B at 130 West 19 Street (the newly-built-in 2006 Chelsea House) suggests a theme of price right to sell quickly, as it came

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why did The Market hate this small loft at 315 Seventh Avenue?

cue the head-scratching machineIn a world of weird, in which Manhattan Loft Guy is something of a connoisseur of weird, the October 14 sale of 315 Seventh Avenue #12A (the Kheel Building) for $620,000 caught my eye. This little loft

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