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back to Soho, back to 1970, with stops in 1966 and 1963

does it seem like we haven’t left?In the course of thinking about the fascinating sociology, anthropology, urban planning, and cultural issues associated with the residential real estate sales angle of Soho, I have collected a bunch of nuggets from the

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real world impact of Soho artist-in-residence rules and Certificate of Occupancy enforcement, as the dialogue continues

their words, not mineThe provocative comments to the provocative Manhattan Loft Guy post about a provocative New York Times article continue, with the latest reader contribution a week ago. I don’t have any idea how many readers click through to

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how are Soho artist-in-residence articles like the Richter Scale in California?

when is The Big One?I’ve been continuing to consult and reflect about the conundrum reflected in the November 12 New York Times article Suddenly, SoHo Heeds Law Limiting Lofts to Artists and my quick-but-long post in response later that day,

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did the NY Times just write a front page obituary for the Soho real estate market?

  [UPDATE Dec 17: I just put up a new post, attempting to summarize (highlight might be a better word) from the treasure trove of comments to this thread. Keep those cards and letters coming! and see this cheat sheet: 

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