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5 years later, small loft at 261 Broadway sells (angels rejoice)

  I spoke too soon yesterday One problem with doing daily blog posts about closed Manhattan loft sales is that one post can get eclipsed by another; what seems like an unusual specimen one day can diminish the next. If

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150 Nassau Street loft sells for building record

becoming a Manhattan Loft Guy faveBy the tiniest of margins, the recent sale of the “1,793 sq ft” Manhattan loft #13C at 150 Nassau Street set a new high on a dollar-per-foot basis for this handsome building. It is a

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private sale of 150 Nassau Street loft with high-floor premium or neighborly extortion

first look can be deceiving (see update below about due dilgence here)When I saw that the “1,723 sq ft” Manhattan loft #19A at 150 Nassau Street (at the corner of Spruce Street and opposite City Hall Park, basically under the

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more on that $100,000 view in small loft at 150 Nassau Street, with a Landmarks bonus

different values to different buyersI am not going to say that The Guy I profiled yesterday who traded one small loft at 150 Nassau Street for $876/ft for another small loft on the same floor at $1,020/ft kept me up

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bass ackwards at 150 Nassau Street?? as lofts are sold low + bought high, with an agency twist

(doesn’t work in my spell check, either)When I observed that the buyer of the Manhattan loft #9E at 150 Nassau Street on November 3 has a notice address of #9A at 150 Nassau Street I began to wonder. First I

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Saturday diversion: who is THAT guy?

a pre-Halloween ghoul[oops! posted it without the title; now fixed]Today’s hat tip goes to NY1’s Pat Kiernan, who was on my TV early Wednesday morning with a story about a painted portrait. I may have been watching while standing in

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23 days to nearly done (now done) at 19-21 Warren Street

brisk resultsThe Manhattan loft #2E at 19-21 Warren Street came to market at the end of February and had a signed contract 23 days later. It shows as Sold & Closed as of this morning (no clearing price available yet).The

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new at 19-21 Warren Street / 2 BRs 2 baths 2d floor

[update 12.4.08: I have restored this post (below), as the reasons for having removed it in April no longer obtain] I have removed the content of this blog post, as it comments about the current listing of another agent. For

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258 Bway is BOM / why do bad things happen to good contracts?

  trend, or series of unfortunateevents? Within the last week or so I blogged about (a) aloft coming back to the market ten weeks after a contract had beensigned (ohdear / 808 Broadway #2J is back) and wondered if that

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Tribeca at $1,000/ft (or less)

  Transportation options don’t get much better than at 261 Broadway (opposite City Hall), with every Manhattan subway that gets that far downtown passing with a couple of blocks. Unit #5E (the first listing at http://www.nyctribeca.com/) is newly for sale

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