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memory lane: cultural anthropology and a move to Tribeca from Uptown

  Two Years Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy You were warned in my July 4 post that you’ve got a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan Loft Guy material coming up. In my July 9, 2011, moving to Atalanta

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Atalanta loft at 25 N. Moore Street did not triple in value in 10 years

though cigars may still be in orderThe “2,907 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5A at 25 N. Moore Street (Atalanta) was recently resold by the original owner, 11 years after the loft was bought from the developer. I assume the sellers

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another day, another parking lot to be developed / Varick Street Tribeca edition

more View Diligence due [UPDATED] The guy at Tribeca Citizen had a nice catch yesterday in response to a reader’s jackhammer question: building permits for the parking lot on Varick Street opposite the First Precinct. The Department of Buildings permit

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moving to Atalanta loft from WAY uptown

distance is not the only measureI could play around a bit about the price at which the Manhattan loft #12C at 25 N. Moore Street (the 2001 conversion-with-much-punching-out-of-windows Atalanta) sold for in a private transaction on May 26 ($2.5mm for

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foreclosure auction tomorrow for 25 N. Moore Street celebrity loft (UPDATED w result)

got bucks?Not my metier, but I suppose that everyone who pays attention to the hip-hop world has been aware that Damon Dash has been in severe financial difficulties for a few years. (See this overview from The Atlanta Post March

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one year to a lovely sale at Atalanta, 25 N. Moore Street, two years after lovely buy

  NY Post scoops inter-firm data baseToday’s Just Sold feature in the NY Post includes a Manhattan loft closed sale that has not yet been updated in the inter-firm data base, which is the kind of record-keeping sloppiness tolerated by

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Open House review up in the $2s for all day Sunday July 15

(remember to check listing Sunday to make sure it is still on)   25 North Moore St #2B $2.975mm ($2,001/mo) for “2,045 sq ft” in Atalanta On the market 3 months most recently (though on and off the market since

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