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half-off finally sells 620 Broadway artist loft with (obviously) some issues

how selling a Manhattan loft can be like your worst experience pulling off a band-aid I’m going to lead the way you should pull off a band-aid, quickly (brutally, even): contrary to what you’ll read on StreetEasy, the very quirky

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that awkward moment, when your Tribeca past catches you short

third owners ever for American Thread Company loft face new challenges Did you ever have the experience of walking down the street (perhaps with your head down [snow!], perhaps on Beach Street, walking east at the rounded corner with Sixth Avenue)

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necessity, that mother, yields strange floor plan for 39 Worth Street loft

not necessarily an inspired invention for this Tribeca loft, but interesting For having a footprint that is a classic Long-and-Narrow (maybe 23 x 85 feet, with a cut-out for the elevator and building stairwell, windows front and back), the floor plan of

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memory lane: pioneer days in Tribeca, revisited

  One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy You were warned in my July 4 post that you’ve got a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan Loft Guy material coming up. In my July 6, 2012, watching Tribeca grow

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36 N. Moore Street loft sells with half million dollar renovation

no idea what it cost; but that’s the value added These are not perfect comps for each other, by any means, but they are close neighbors of similar size and utility: the “1,800 sq ft” Manhattan #2W at 36 N.

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112 Hudson Street loft zooms through market above ask

  another oneI can’t tell from my notes and calendar why my buyer client around $1.5mm never got to see the “1,103 sq ft” Manhattan loft in prime Tribeca on the 4th floor at 112 Hudson Street, but the sellers

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ancient floor plan drives 43 Murray Street loft down to $864/ft

  stairs don’t help Whenever I see a floor plan like that of the “1,400 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3A at 43 Murray Street on a bar block in southeast Tribeca, I assume the place has been lived in for

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watching Tribeca grow up: another loft neighborhood pioneer profiled

lovely piece from a great resourceI’ve been meaning to write about The Broadsheet Daily, which I never look for in hard copy (published bi-weekly and available in residential building lobbies in Battery Park City and elsewhere in lower Manhattan) because

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long-time Ruggles House owner sells ready-for-renovation loft at 112 East 19 Street

quick deal aside from that one hiccupIt looks as though the seller of the “1,950 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3R at 112 East 19 Street (the Ruggles House) has been in the building since at least since 1983. That’s as

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366 Broadway loft sells up 10% over 2004 but flat to 2007

almost prize-winning seller wins by selling at almost his purchase priceSticking with that theme from last week of how is the Manhattan loft market niche doing compared to 2007?, the Manhattan loft #7B at 366 Broadway (the Collect Pond House)

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