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pricing right to (yes!) sell quickly at 55 Liberty Street

how tall is that eye candy in the window?When I was playing around yesterday in Tribeca, at the "intersection" of West Broadway at N. Moore and White Streets, Tribeca’s crowded townhouse corner: West Broadway at N. Moore + White, I

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55 Liberty Street closes as if 2007, progress of a sort

free at last!The Manhattan (mini) loft #11D at 55 Liberty Street (Liberty Tower) closed last week (May 21) at $602,500, just a rounding error off the last sale price (December 2007) of $590k. Sheesh … another reminder that I need

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New School tower on Fifth Avenue at 13th Street + 74 Fifth Avenue views

tower that teaches, but blocksA January post about Manhattan loft #8A at 74 Fifth Avenue triggered a discussion (with links) to the proposed tower the New School (New School University?) wants to build on the east side of Fifth Avenue between 13th

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