QOTD distinguishes “glamour” from “Utah”

he better stay out of Park City + Sundance
The Wall Street Journal featured a la-dida Bridgewater home on the market for 8 figures by some (famous?) architect. Check the slide-show for details and pix of the 12,000 sq ft house (with 5,000-sq ft sun deck, a pool, waterfall, and 32 foot high decorative glass pyramid) that was built in 1993. Apparently the famous architcet does not want to entertain any longer, at least not on this grand scale.

His agent’s explanation for why he is moving to Utah (where in Utah??) with his wfe and three kids is my weekend Quote Of The Day. He is selling out east and moving to Utah because (slide 8/10):

He decided he didn’t want the glamour life.

zen + feng shui = glass bricks???
Color Manhattan Loft Guy confused (or amused). This eight-figure house that was "designed … to include principles of Zen Buddhism and feng shui" features floor-to-ceiling glass bricks in the kitchen (slide 3/10; they are just out of the line of sight in slide 4/10, through the kitchen pass-through).

Having been personally guilty of using a glass brick wall in a Tribeca loft in 1981, I really thought The Glass Brick Moment was over in the 1980s. (Indeed, I have found the presence of glass bricks to be a reliable carbon-dating system for ”classic" Manhattan lofts.) But this famous architect used them in a 1993 mega-house in the Hamptons. Go figure.

Next time I see glass bricks, I will pay more attention to flow and will wait for serenity.

h/t The Real Deal

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