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Chainworks loft at 144 West 18 Street sells in a delightful series for market watchers

one Manhattan loft building can be a microcosm, indeed The recent sale of the “3,097 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2E at 144 West 18 Street (the Chainworks Building) for $4.6mm ($1,485/ft) got me to wondering if any of the recent

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in praise of StreetEasy, not to bury it

much beleaguered, of late I’ve been mulling over a post about the many and various changes to StreetEasy that seem to have dropped (thudded) into the lives of so many fans of the Manhattan residential real estate market, but that’s

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masterpiece designed since 2009, 60 West 15 Street loft doubles in value

cashing out on meticulous + to the 9s Not every agent has the credibility in the business to be taken at face value when saying things like “Renovated to the nines” and “Come home to the extraordinary”, but the listing

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not all lofts have open kitchens, least not at Chelsea Mercantile at 252 Seventh Avenue

  who knew?One of the hallmarks of residential loft-style living is an open kitchen; indeed, I would argue that this element was one of the early dividers between people who liked “lofts” compared to people who liked “apartments”. To generalize

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in which Manhattan Loft Guy bravely calls BS on the Market Trend Meme Of The Day

fools rush in …Refill your coffee cup if you intend to get beyond the first few paragraphs here. My executive summary is that the much-repeated meme accounting for the huge sales volume at the end of 2012 is probably BS

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Bull Moose loft is first post-thaw sale without outdoor space at 42 East 20 Street, up 54%??

it has been a long timeAs my buddy Noah at Urban Digs is fond of pointing out, the ideal way to do comps is to use a recent sale in the same building of a loft of similar scale. That

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bromancing The Miller: squiggly chart explains (not quite) everything about Manhattan real estate trends

this is old, but so am IYou don’t have to be a long-time reader of manhattan Loft Guy to know I have a thing for The Appraiser Who Must Be Named, aka the appraiser who must be named The Miller

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secrets of the Master List: 16 Manhattan lofts that HIT The Market

colors on the spreadsheetOne recurring topic of my frequent notes to self is to use the aggregate data about Manhattan loft transactions that I collect in the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 (N.B., lofts downtown that

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the scandal in the quarterly report data on Manhattan residential real estate sales

hiding in plain sightTwo quick take-aways from the first stories about the major firm quarterly market reports on Manhattan residential real estate sales that are in the papers this morning, this one from the Vivian Toy piece on page A24

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The Miller found 9.2% of deals above ask; Manhattan Loft Guy, not so much

playing with numbers (he wins)This week my favorite numbers geek for the Manhattan residential real estate coop and condo market weighed in with his (semi) regular Curbed feature, Three Cents Worth, with A Look at Overpaying in Manhattan on February

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