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strict 2-bedroom loft at 222 Park Avenue South takes a while to find its buyer

appreciating the personal style I am not going to repeat the Caps Lock portion, but I can testify that the opening bit of broker babble about the “2,500 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3E at 222 Park Avenue South at the

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what $50,000 worth of mahogany looks like: 260 Park Avenue South loft sells with 30 foot ceilings

for the imagination challenged, an exampleYou have probably never woken up in the middle of the night wondering “what does $50,000 worth of mahogany look like?” but this post will make sure that that never happens to you. The “1,662

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price increase for 222 Park Avenue South loft gets the job done

fits and starts, dollars and senseSomething happened to the Manhattan loft #11E at 222 Park Avenue South, as it was on the market only two days at $2.99mm before going off the market for 4 weeks. Maybe they weren’t quite

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from Flatiron to Soho to Tribeca for serial loft owners with exquisite taste

real estate stalking is not for the squeamishRegular Manhattan Loft Guy readers know that I am a bit of a voyeur, interested in the choices that people make to buy or sell a loft, and where they go from there

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return of the gut renovation buyer / 222 Park Avenue South edition

was she ever away?I wonder if the run of recent Manhattan loft sales that I have noticed of lofts in need of a complete build-out is an actual sign of Something Happening In The Market, or if it just random

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4 years = $15,000 at 477 Broome Street

same story, different yearThe Manhattan loft #33 at 477 Broome Street recently delivered a new data point, with history:April 12, 2005 = $950kApril 29, 2009 = $965k This history nearly precisely parallels the 2006-2009 history of a loft profiled a

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at 260 Park Avenue South 2006 = 2009

up, then down (probably not flat)The Manhattan loft #4-I at 260 Park Avenue South sold in March $2,000 lower than these sellers paid in July 2006. Had they been marking to market all along (tracking their real estate investment), they

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it can be flipping hard / back story on NY Post Just Sold at 260 Park Avenue South

you say Ulysses, I say OdysseusThe odyssey of #7B at 260 Park Avenue South is given public notice of a successful conclusion in this weekend’s Just Sold section of the NY Post’s Real Estate Section. As noted, it took 374

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new at 222 Park Avenue South w windows everywhere

[update 12.4.08: I have restored this post (below), as the reasons for having removed it in April no longer obtain] I have removed the content of this blog post, as it comments about the current listing of another agent. For

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another slow open house Sunday coming / 4 here, not many elsewhere

I count 8 lofts with open houses in Manhattan scheduled for Sunday at this point, and less than 400 Manhattan open houses overall. The year is definitely yawning to a close, but Frances Katzen’s team at PruDE will be busy….(remember to check

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