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what would have happened if they renovated the kitchen to sell 105 Fifth Avenue loft?

might have saved a year, or a few bucks This kind of Manhattan loft broker babble intrigues me, not for the editorial choices but the ownership choices: Having undergone an extensive renovation (with the exception of the kitchen), the loft

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hyper-local market for 18 East 12 Street mini-lofts is up 14% YoY

a head scratcher’s specialIt is an understatement to say that The Market loves the “970 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2A at 18 East 12 Street. In 2011 it took 25 days to find a contract and only 40 days to

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ruthless stagers, indeed! NY Times nails story about marketing apartments (and lofts!)

to be bookmarked by 98% of sentient agentsHonestly, I would applaud the featured article in tomorrow’s Sunday Real Estate section in the New York Times, Ruthless Came the Stager, even if Elissa Gootman had not spelled my name right (or

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Cast Iron loft at 67 East 11 Street sells off 7%

not all lofts flat since 2007, of course, of courseOne of my favorite and most interesting trend lines for the downtown loft niche in the overall Manhattan residential real estate market is this running count of lofts that sold in

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turning 2 “lofts” into 1 “apartment” at 303 Mercer, then selling for $996/ft

I’m not offended, reallySome people just prefer to live in Manhattan “apartments”, instead of “lofts”. I get that, but it is unusual to see one of those “apartment” people buy adjoining lofts (with 11 foot ceilings, large windows, wide-plank flooring,

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