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Cast Iron loft at 67 East 11 Street sells off 7%

not all lofts flat since 2007, of course, of courseOne of my favorite and most interesting trend lines for the downtown loft niche in the overall Manhattan residential real estate market is this running count of lofts that sold in

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changing firms + raising price after 7 months does the trick for 67 East 11 Street cast iron loft

no Virginia, there is no rational market (not here, at least)Fans of the efficient market theory for the Manhattan residential real estate market should be surprised if a loft is offered within $5,000 of its value but takes 7 months

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The Market corrects a Cast Iron loft over-correction, as 67 East 11 Street loft sells above (reduced) ask

Aphorisms ‘R UsStop me if you have heard this before: if a seller sets a price that is ‘too low’ The Market has an opportunity to fix that price. When the little (“710 sq ft”) Manhattan loft #411 at 67

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market changes, personified by 67 East 11 Street loft sale

a warm welcome for another poster child, please!When the Manhattan loft #711 at 67 East 11 Street (the Cast Iron Building) sold on March 17 for $760,000 to earned Manhattan Loft Guy poster child status, with a caption “into (and

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67 East 11 Street loft sale and the utility of old media

when “news” isn’t new, to whom is it worthwhile?The January 11 sale of the Manhattan loft #704 at 67 East 11 Street (Cast Iron Building) is featured in today’s Residential Sales Around The Region feature in the the New York

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155 Franklin Street crashes past 2006 to close up 28% (since 2000)

off a million, or soThe Manhattan loft #3S at 155 Franklin Street (the Sugar Loaf) was one of only five lofts in Tribeca that closed in June, per recent articles in The Real Deal Trouble in Tribeca. For a seller

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NYC photos / could not stop scrolling

is it memory lane if I am too young to remember (or to have been alive then)?Hat tip to today’s Today’s MUG from Manhattan User’s Guide for linking to a forum on WiredNY with an amazing collection of photos, mostly

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2008 diet works / slimmer 8 Thomas contract

funky, funky (but chic?)The 2d floor at 8 Thomas Street had been on the market for quite a while last year (14 months, into November), was taken off the market then came back three weeks ago with a new firm

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welcome 8 Thomas back, slimmer

long holiday absence endsThe 2d floor at 8 Thomas Street is back on the market this morning, with a new firm and a new price. Having been marketed from September 2006 to November 2007 at $2.95mm, $2.775mm and $2.76mm, it

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66 Crosby in contract under 3 weeks

  I blogged about #4F at 66 CrosbyStreet when it was a new Manharran loft forsale (Sept 6: new at 66 Crosby / $1,000/ft central Soho bldg),saying:  Asking$1.695mm (and $1,361/mo maintenance) in what is pointedly under$1,000 per square foot for “1,700 sq

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