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seller of Flatiron loft believes Manhattan loft market is not rational

I have to agree, and sympathize When the owner of the “2,352 sq ft” second floor loft at 26 West 20 Street brought his “estate condition”, “[b]ring your architect and contractor” property to market in February 2017, he had a

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Manhattan lofts running the bulls on Greene Street, large + pricey

2 Soho lofts took a week to contract just under $6 million Two large lofts on the same Soho block closed a day apart at very similar price points and very similar trajectories: the “2,964 sq ft” loft #4B at

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31% gain in 20 months for small Soho artist’s loft with charm but no walls

if The Market doesn’t make mistakes, how to explain this Soho oddity? It is a truism that the sales price of a publicly marketed Manhattan loft is The Market, assuming there is the classic willing buyer and willing seller, neither

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rational market? not for 15 Broad Street loft that sold 13% above unsuccessful 2013 ask

economists weep over the downtown Manhattan loft market (sometimes) In yet another twist on the Manhattan-lofts-that-sell-above-ask theme, the wrinkle that most interests me about the recent sale of the “2,011 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3120 at 15 Broad Street (Downtown

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motivated Chelsea House seller holds firm after 10 prices in 4 months

every Manhattan loft seller has a limit One way to determine if an-owner-with-a-listing really really really wants to be a “seller” is the degree to which the seller owner is willing to drop the asking price in response to market

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pair of Tribeca loft sales at 27 Leonard Street show 15 feet of wall is worth about $200,000

not to pay the carpenter, but for the Manhattan loft buyers who had to have 2 bedrooms The “1,636 sq ft” full-floor Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 27 Leonard Street sold three weeks ago for $3mm. Its many

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250 Mercer Street loft rode peak without selling, just sold off one-third

no cash in just riding a wave The Manhattan loft #B406 at 250 Mercer Street closed on December 1 at $1.65mm, a far cry from the asking prices in 2007 and 2008. If only… It is just not enough to

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asking $1.495mm did not work for 148 West 23 Street loft, but asking $1.575mm did

can’t (really) blame the calendarI’ve talked before about lofts that did not sell during the nuclear winter of Manhattan real estate that followed the Lehman bankruptcy (two years ago next week!), but the recent sale of the combined Manhattan loft

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is this 66 Leonard Street guy the savviest loft seller ever??

big premium, no marketingI am scratching my head over the August 12 sale of Manhattan loft #12A at 66 Leonard Street (Textile Building) for $3.45mm. For one thing, the loft has been officially off the market for a year (i.e.,

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NY Times highlight 142 Duane St sale, mis-counts weeks, omits land lease info

  garbage in, garbage out? The problem with relying on the NY Times sometimes for accurate information about Manhattan loft sales is that the Times has to rely on (shudder) real estate agents to supply "facts". That can lead to

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