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Lake Wobegon lofts sell for more than $1,246/ft

  crunch, crunch Miller, crunch, crunch Samuel I have finally gotten to spend a little time staring at the fourth page of the Miller Samuel Second Quarter Manhattan Market Overview, the page with the loft synopsis.   As per usual,

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sorry, wrong number (but still ironic) / Miller corrects the record

  year-over-year number different than quarterly decline Jonathan Miller points out on his Matrix that the NY Post article I quoted yesterday (Manhattan Bumps Real-Estate Slump) used the wrong median sale price number in comparing his report for PruDE with

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  Nice post on Jonathan Miller’s other blog, Soapbox (on appraisals) about the temptation to predict the future: we all have it, you all want it.   I try to tell people all the time that the best I can

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Manhattan as

  I post lasted week about “economic rent” and how “the fundamentals” must be different in Manhattan compared to most places in America, my theory being that coop and condo prices in Manhattan are driven more by demand-side issues than

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loft market trended with overall market in Q3 06 / Miller Samuel finally stands up

Appraiser Jonathan Miller cops to being the reason his Q3 Manhattan Market Overview has been so long delayed in release, but at least it is now out. The short story for Manhattan lofts is that (1) the loft market behaved

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and the answer is

  WSJ’s Stewart gets smug Jonathan Miller started a thread on Matrix about market timing, in response to James Stewart in the Wall Street Journal expression of relief about not having to listen to more people brag about their real

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