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31% gain in 20 months for small Soho artist’s loft with charm but no walls

if The Market doesn’t make mistakes, how to explain this Soho oddity? It is a truism that the sales price of a publicly marketed Manhattan loft is The Market, assuming there is the classic willing buyer and willing seller, neither

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very funky Soho cozy (small!) loft at 140 Sullivan Street sells at $1,454/ft

open lofts are for sound sleepers only I always wonder who the folks are who love open lofts such as the little (“1,100 sq ft”) one #3R at 140 Sullivan Street that just sold in the tiny corner of the

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memory lane: New York lottery guy says two-MILL-yon dollars to describe discount on Greenwich Village “loft”

  Four Years Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy You were warned in my July 4 post that you had a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan Loft Guy material coming up; almost up. In my July 16, 2009, dropping

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holiday weekend diversion / leftovers

no, not those leftoversThese leftovers, and what Mark Bittman suggests you can do with the stuffing, potatoes, sauce and turkey that are still in your frig: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/20/magazine/rethinking-thanksgiving-leftovers.html?hpw And, as a bonus, an analysis of why we remember a sandwich with

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merry Christmas to all who observe

if not, come back tomorrowReading Wiki today about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, moved in part by memory of his famous letter to his parents from his Nazi prison cell December 17, 1943 (Maria is his fiancee) that has been part of my

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Sunday diversion: Sullivan channels Posnanski about … movies?

… without once mentioning baseballI guess I should stop being surprised by the breadth of Andrew Sullivan’s musings about the world as-is and as-it-should-be. Perhaps he surprised for the last time me last week when he (one of my favorite

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real estate market psychology: about seller refusal to take a loss

just ‘cuz “everyone knows” doesn’t mean it is not trueYes, it is no great revelation to state as fact that apartment or loft sellers in Manhattan (and elsewhere) are reluctant to sell (even when “on the market”) if they can

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Manhattan as sublime +/or a stockyard / the Quote Of The Day

so much to read, so little timeToday’s QOTD comes from Lapham’s Quarterly / a magazine of history and ideas (h/t Andrew Sullivan), into which I have barely dipped a toe. His October 3 Preamble includes this insight (one small part

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early weekend diversion: Pie Chart

  a dish (plate) from the Daily DishThis made me laugh. COUNTDOWN: 10 … 9 … 8 … © Sandy Mattingly 2009

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dropping $2mm to make an un-lofty sale at 175 Sullivan Street

  back story tells the story Officially, the Manhattan "loft" #4A at 175 Sullivan Street was on the market only since January 2009 ("starting" at $3.25mm) before closing on June 16 at $2.65mm — an apparent 18% discount. But the

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