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million dollar renovation at 144 West 27th Street?

lovely loft, interesting price above ask, sold by … The recent sale of the “2,400 sq ft” Chelsea loft #7R at 144 West 27 Street at $3.125mm is old news by now to people who follow real estate gossip news (even

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fraternal twin lofts across Harrison Street sell on same day for $3mm + a few bucks less

if one loft sale on this cozy Tribeca block is rare, what of two? “Rarely does anything turnover on Harrison Street” has a nice ring to it, and it is well within bounds for graded-on-a-curve broker babble. But when babbled

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Manhattan real estate is a funny business: the curious case of the Lower Soho loft at 49 Howard Street

loft takes 3 years to contract, data are hard to track (sigh) If you took a look at the Past Activity tab on the StreetEasy building page for 49 Howard Street (aka 307 Canal Street) you wouldn’t know that the

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103 Greene Street penthouse loft takes a (near) million dollar hit to sell below 2008

not everything is flyingThey had a little trouble selling the “2,474 sq ft” penthouse Manhattan loft #7A at 103 Greene Street in prime Soho back in the day, as the near-Peak campaign took 4 months and a big price drop

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particularly deep trough discovered, as 335 Greenwich Street loft sells 31% over 2009

some stories never get oldI can’t explain why, but I take particular pleasure in noting Manhattan loft sales that hit a particular narrative. In this case, the narrative for the recent sale of the “1,600 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5A

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reprise: the square foot problem, its obvious (!) solution, and the horror that it will not change

a long time ago on a blog very near at hand…For some reason I had someone comment this week on a rather old Manhattan Loft Guy post, reminding me of that November 3, 2010, the square footage dilemma: REBNY "leads"

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how to make sense of 475 Broadway loft sale, at $1,280/ft or $1,608/ft??

caution: rant is comingYou don’t need to know how big a Manhattan loft is to put a sale in the context of sales in the same building (assuming same footprints, of course), but it is very difficult to do a

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a troubling line potential sellers hear from agents all the time

having nothing to do with pajamas (really)The Real Deal has a puff piece in the June issue that was featured on their web page last week, Doing deals in pajamas, that has a dog-bites-man ‘news’ quality about it that is

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funny business, as 22 West 26 Street loft sells at 17% discount to first ask

not funny ha-ha, funny peculiarThat the recent sale of the “1,910 sq ft” duplex loft #9H at 22 West 26 Street is dear to the Manhattan Loft Guy heart is obvious to anyone who has looked at this datum of

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REBNY does good! flip tax problem resolved

my dues at work (yay team!)Regular Manhattan Loft Guy readers know that I have a somewhat … (shall we say) … conflicted perspective on our trade association, REBNY. Basically, I feel that residential agents (and especially consumers) are the poor

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