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diversion about the guy on the subway who won the internet by letting another guy sleep

did you see this yet? Chances are, you saw something on the inter-tubes about the older guy in the yarmulke on the Q train who let a younger black guy in a hoodie stay asleep on his shoulder. After all,

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Sunday diversion captures church photography in a new way

the Slate title says it all “Capturing a Stunning Church from Entrance to Altar, in One Image” does just that, with a couple of examples from Manhattan.

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diversion for mothers (and mofos) on a beautiful Sunday

  (on which it, somehow, forgot to rain) I flagged this item from Gothamist when it was fresh on April 29. Today is a good day for a lovely (they say “phenomenal”) aerial photo of New York City, taken from

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Sunday diversion / London in 48,000 images, 320 gigapixels

big city, HUGE photoFrom one metropolis to another … I can’t remember where I saw this link, but it is a cool story and a visual treat for you folks who know London well. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2282054/320-gigapixel-interactive-picture-London-lets-20-MILES-zoom-people-street.html (Countdown … 10 … 9

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weekend diversion / Manhattan as you’ve never seen it (until this week, when you saw it everywhere)

burning up the inter-tubesThe Russian guy with a helicopter, a camera, and tons of technology took the World Wide Web by storm this week, with one particular photo of Central Park appearing pretty much everywhere on the net. The New

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beautiful Saturday diversion / beautiful city, time lapsed

these things never get old (for me, at least)This one, "both striking and soothing"(!), is worth 3:08 of your time. Who knew? The city that never sleeps, can soothe. It starts with the Flatiron and pauses in the Meatpacking, so

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