a holiday no-Manhattan-lofts diversion is about being thankful to be alive on earth

from one who knows (about earth, not Manhattan lofts)

Perhaps I am selling retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield short in supposing that he doesn’t know anything about Manhattan lofts (he is, after all, An Amazing Fellow), but he is most famous for the recorded-live-from-outer-space rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, about which I diverted in my May 18, odd diversion from space, when he won the internet with the video.

He’s back in the news in anticipation of a book to be published soon, in publicity for which he was interviewed (all too briefly), on Slate.com, here. Money quote:

To be able to take that song and reflect it into the environment that it ostensibly targeted or was written for helped people rethink the whole thing. Spaceflight isn’t just about doing experiments, it’s about an extension of human culture.

Cool guy. Happy thanksgiving to all, including those of us still alive on planet Earth.!

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