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a seasonal no-lofts diversion is not about that (this) season

but it does involve the shortest day of the year Let others divert with visions of sugar plums, etc, today is the shortest day of the year, which means it is the darkest day of the year, which means that

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diversion is the opposite of the muck: a heartwarming story of staggering friendship

  why do people do the good things they do? This story by Bryan oops Cave Curtis on Grantland is why Grantland is Grantland: The Stokes Game tells the story of NBA player Maurice Stokes and his teammate and guardian

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diversion: the baseball I told you so edition

a new day dawnsThe big baseball news of the week made my jaw drop when it hit alert screens all over the inter-tubes. (No, speculation about Yankee 3rd basepeople does not qualify as “news”.) When Ryan Braun (and the toughest

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Sunday diversion is about love (birds, bees and young people) and staying out late

a matter of personal indulgenceThrough the miracle of the inter-tubes, and the confidence of the principals and the editors of the Old Grey Lady, we got home well after midnight to find that the wedding we had just come from

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Sunday diversion, mf & hoops edition

those were the daysWhile Andy Pettite practices his big league stare in the Bronx, Roger Clemens stews in DC, and mothers everywhere recover from their home-made breakfasts, let’s go the the basketball courts, though not to the NBA. To DC

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Sunday diversion / back to baseball

but nothing perfectAnd not about the very imperfect game thrown yesterday by Freddy Garcia. (You’re welcome, RS Nation.) This is one of the well-done uses of baseball stats, with an obvious headline but interesting supporting data: Quit throwing strikes to

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Sunday diversion: this week in kidney transplant media

been collecting a few of these disparate piecesNote to self: follow up to see how this story about a high school pitcher about to get a new kidney ends up. Kid has done a lot, 10-hour dialysis sessions and other

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