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diversion is futbol, but not US National Teams

former USMNT, however Fans of US soccer know Bob Bradley as the former coach of the men’s national team and the father of Michael, the bedrock of that team at midfield. I know that coaches at this level are nomads, going

diversion is a distraction: what Sherman could learn from A-Rod about ambition

weirder & weirder You could look at the post-season campaign of Alex Rodriguez as a single-handed attempt to revive  law firm profits. Or you could look at the lawsuit against Major League Baseball and Bud Lite (did I leave anyone

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Sunday diversion has to feature The Great Rivera

still baseball season, of course No need to get into a discussion of whether Mariano Rivera is ‘the greatest closer ever’ in Major League baseball (the 9th-inning [only] closer being a fairly recent development) but we can all agree that

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diversion about nomenclature in a different sport during BASEBALL season (sorry)

  words have meaning, no? Thoughtful piece that I missed last week by the thoughtful guy who has the impossible job of being ombudsman for ESPN, So what if ESPN refused to use the R-word? If you’re already familiar with

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this day comes again, mournfully as always

  why does it always catch me by surprise (and by the throat)? Turns out that I am a broken record. In thinking about posting today I was going to start something like “As recently as this past weekend, I

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Sunday diversion is spiritual but from an exceedingly political (and contentious) source

  making strange bedfellows Skip this post if you get antsy when someone talks about Spirituality (as in “that weird stuff is not for me”) or if reading anything on an oh so lefty politics forum like the (infamous) Daily

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a tale of 2 kidneys, 4 years … 4th Kidneversary already

  a sweet new year, no? If you are a loyal long-time reader, you know this personal datum about The Guy at Manhattan Loft Guy: 4 years ago today I entered Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with two kidneys but left with

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diversion is the opposite of the muck: a heartwarming story of staggering friendship

  why do people do the good things they do? This story by Bryan oops Cave Curtis on Grantland is why Grantland is Grantland: The Stokes Game tells the story of NBA player Maurice Stokes and his teammate and guardian

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diversion is but more immersion in the muck

another stab at ARod, of course Having gone off on insincere Ryan Braun not once, but twice (July 27, diversion: the baseball I told you so edition), I’d hate anyone to think that I am soft on #13 if I

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diversion: the baseball I told you so edition

a new day dawnsThe big baseball news of the week made my jaw drop when it hit alert screens all over the inter-tubes. (No, speculation about Yankee 3rd basepeople does not qualify as “news”.) When Ryan Braun (and the toughest

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