no-lofts diversion is in keeping with the season (almost) (not really)

the snow will sat only until the rain comes

Of course it is a lovely New York City day, with snow falling softly. But it should be gone by morning, after overnight rain. Which brings to mind the greetings of the season: only 8+ weeks before Pitchers & Catchers report to Spring Training! (What … you had another festive event in mind??)

At this point, the Cleveland Indians will be the first team to report, on February 11, with the Yankees on February 14 as they begin Year Two of Five Dark Years. Full schedule, to be updated, here.

With snow baseball in the air like this, take a moment to read this nice little piece on Grantland about the wonderful Roy Halladay. Obviously, I’m no fan of the Jays or of the Phillies, but the guy was both very successful and very classy. Best of luck in the next stage of life, Doc!

With snow baseball (still) in the air, I offer this commentary from the often-sanctimonious Rick Reilly. In this instance, he makes a point that I have myself made following the news that the unneccesary Veteran’s Committee of the baseball Hall of Fame admitted managers Bobby Cox, Joe Torre, and Tony (“smartest guy in the room”) LaRussa. You can’t think of the PED scandal that is keeping implicated players out of the Hall of Fame without thinking of LaRussa and Torre. Let’s just say it is unfortunate for these managers to get into the HoF based on win totals (shall we say) enhanced by tainted players; worse, these managers were, at best, negligent in not realizing what their players were doing (more likely, the correct explanation is ‘turned a blind eye’).

OK, one more, on a more benign note: a major league baseball genealogy, showing where each of the current teams came from and where the defunct franchises were, from The Atlantic.

Don’t wait to enjoy the snow … it’s not staying very long!


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