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cake, candles & balloons, as Manhattan Loft Guy is 5 today

personally, I will have a beer (or 2) (later)I can’t be the only one parent who has consistently been surprised when a child reaches another birthday, which was as true for me with a 28-year-old as it was when I

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suing, shaming + publicizing your problems / a fraught cost-benefit analysis

rocks + hard placesIf I hadn’t gotten distracted on Tuesday by other recent news and expanded a draft post into the politics, wisdom or inanity of airing dirty linen about your coop or condo, I would have focused on the

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conflicted about new loft at 20 N. Moore Street [CAUTION: conflict alert]

new, with a past and a present#8E at 20 N. Moore Street is pretty new to the market (week before last), asking $3.45mm and $1,700/mo for "2,400 sq ft". I’d have blogged about it last week BUT it is my

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