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nine years ago today … Manhattan Loft Guy post #1

how many ‘years’ is that in Internet time? (Can’t say that I miss Lorne Green often, but this question prompts one of those times.) Quick post without any downtown Manhattan lofts to discuss (directly). It was March 19, 2006 that I

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audio books owe a debt to Manhattan lofts / WPA edition of a weekend diversion

I loves me some ‘netIn linking today to this Maggie Gram piece on n+1 (and excerpting a paragraph) I am sure that Andrew Sullivan meant only to tie the modern fascination with audio books to efforts to respond to World

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FYAToMLG / how ephemeral is the fashion of lofts in Manhattan?

early stuff, still good!Today is the day to take that occasional OYAToMLG series into the way-back machine. I probably came across this post when I was playing in the deep Manhattan Loft Guy archives last week, and I like it.

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