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Manhattan Loft Guy readers are ahead of the Times about loft sale at 32 West 18 Street, by 7 months

though (just) behind the PostI am sometimes aghast, occasionally enthralled, and once in a while simply filled with wonder at the workings of the Real Estate Industrial Complex, Manhattan Media division. If you are an avid spectator of the Manhattan

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was year-end loft sale at 101 Warren Street motivated by tax uncertainty?

the gain might make it worthwhile to have worried about tax uncertaintyMy rant about the Tax Uncertainty Meme that ran through the Manhattan Media Division of the Real Estate Industrial Complex (January 4, in which Manhattan Loft Guy bravely calls

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testing a media meme in the Manhattan loft lab: low-balling and the too-low offer

your Real Estate Industrial Complex, Media Division, at workI don’t have time to find other examples, but I am pretty sure I have seen elsewhere in the Manhattan residential real estate media / blogosphere / twitterverse a comment to the

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nominee for dumbest 'analysis' by the media of a Manhattan real estate sale

I think we have a winnerI hope that regular Manhattan Loft Guy readers realize that I appreciate the coverage of the Manhattan real estate business in The Real Deal; they often cover things other local media do not and seem

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deconstructing NY Times article about combining apartments to increase value

how the Real Estate Industrial complex works, and why it is unhelpful for consumersMaybe you people are way ahead of me, but I realized something that seems insightful about the unholy alliance between real estate media outlets such as the

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