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Manhattan Loft Lab at 40 West 15 Street features building record, failed marketing, opposite styles, + more!

the good news: loft #6A overcame an awkward footprint to sell over ask The sale a month ago of the “2,100 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6A at 40 West 15 Street is a fascinating window on a variety of topics,

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Cobblestone Lofts seller surprised, disappointed that market at 28 Laight Street is so rational

… while fact-based outsiders smile The folks who just sold the “3,216 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3A at 28 Laight Street (Cobblestone Lofts) in the spillway of the Holland Tunnel in northernmost Tribeca thought a year ago they were selling

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nice flip at 73 Worth Street, but why is a foundation doing that??

there’s a wrong way to flip, and there’s this way After picking on a guy with so much money that he didn’t really care if his aborted flip burned a barrel of cash or not (in my February 26, 155 Franklin

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this day comes again, mournfully as always

  why does it always catch me by surprise (and by the throat)? Turns out that I am a broken record. In thinking about posting today I was going to start something like “As recently as this past weekend, I

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still, a sad day, remarkably so

so just a bunch of linksNice and short piece (especially nice, for being so short) in The Broadsheet Daily yesterday, heading a list of events that memorialize September 11, 2001. I hope he won’t mind me quoting the paragraph, in

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130 Fulton Street loft with incomparable light comps out 3% above 2006 after 13 months of a boring price

stubborn is as stubborn doesThe last time I hit the near-Gehry Manhattan loft building 130 Fulton Street, I talked about a stubborn seller (in my August 11, 2011, stubborn seller of 130 Fulton Street loft takes 10% haircut). That July

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I cannot deal with the media orgy today

not sure why, after ten yearsAs of about a week ago, I thought this year would be different. That I would be able to read stories and look at video and images from ten years ago, and even to (finally)

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the Lower West Side before “Tribeca”

great site, great pixIf you have not been to Kevin Walsh’s website Forgotten New York, you owe it to yourself to click around there. I came across it (again) in the course of trolling the inter-tubes for some depth and

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8 years, still fresh

  quote of the dayRudy Giuliani, whom I loathe, read this morning from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whom I revere. Let’s just say that Rudy made a nice choice: “Everybody can be great,” he said, “because anybody can

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September 11, again

I will re-post what I said on this date two years ago, slightly updated:   It turns out that I am most definitely not able to post much of anything today, and still unable to read (let alone watch) what

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