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36 N. Moore Street loft sells with half million dollar renovation

no idea what it cost; but that’s the value added These are not perfect comps for each other, by any means, but they are close neighbors of similar size and utility: the “1,800 sq ft” Manhattan #2W at 36 N.

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129 West 22 Street loft seller rewarded by 24% in 26 months for not renovating

a paired resale analysisEvery “arm’s length” sale is a snapshot of the agreement that a buyer and a seller made about the value of a property at a particular point in time. Econ 101, right? And a pair of such

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400 shoes that used to live in 12 East 12 Street loft need a new home, carry big profit

hello old friend If you are a fan of well designed small lofts and a reader of Manhattan Loft Guy, you will remember the post I did about the tiny (“840 sq ft”) renovated loft with lots of shoes at

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“recently renovated” 7 East 17 Street loft sells 18% over 2011 sale (as “newly renovated”)

  there are no rules Of course there are no rules about how many calendar pages can be torn off before a listing should no longer be described as “newly” or “recently” renovated. In the case of the “2,774 sq

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loft at 245 Seventh Avenue sells at $1,215/ft with very strange wall

a post for floor plan fetishists onlyOf course I will get to the financial and comparative details, but the first thing I looked at for the “2,258 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4B at 245 Seventh Avenue that just sold for

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One Bed Wonder loft at 129 West 20 Street sells modestly over $1,000/ft, despite custom finishes

don’t tell Ann SacksThe “1,626 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3A at 129 West 20 Street (the Chelsea Quarter) was all dressed up when it sold earlier this month, with (as the broker babbes) “beautiful features and lux finishes, handsome in

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