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288 West Street loft up 11% over 2011 instead of 15%

does the Index owe this Tribeca loft $90,000? You know I do this only in part to remind you, gentle readers, and more so to remind me: the StreetEasy Manhattan Condo Index is a tool (a very useful single-number tool)

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should 80 Chambers Street loft be embarrassed? (resells over ask, but only 6% over 2006)

no reason to anthropomorphize Manhattan lofts Silly me: no, the “1,056 sq ft” Manhattan loft #11B at 80 Chambers Street should not be embarrassed because it sold for only 6.3% more last month than it sold for in May 2006,

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fab 160 Wooster Street loft learns even beauty has to be priced right

10 months to contract in a Seller’s Market Here’s the thing about a Seller’s Market: it only benefits a seller who prices right (enough). For the “1,746 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2C at 160 Wooster Street at the top of

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same-loft resales are data points in The Market, not The Market itself (as at 208 Fifth Avenue)

granular data and the big picture I’ve been thinking about the quality of data, and about what data mean, in the Manhattan residential real estate market after my post about the StreetEasy Condo Index (October 5, in praise of StreetEasy,

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in praise of StreetEasy, not to bury it

much beleaguered, of late I’ve been mulling over a post about the many and various changes to StreetEasy that seem to have dropped (thudded) into the lives of so many fans of the Manhattan residential real estate market, but that’s

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