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New York Times charmingly shows what a $233/ft Flatiron loft renovation looks like

Manhattan loft owners are not necessarily funnier than others, but they have more choices Maybe it is all the Auld Lang Syne-ing of late, but isn’t yesterday’s New York Times On Location feature in the Home & Garden section, Love

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3 Hanover Square seller of small loft puts her design name on the line, comes up big

in relative termsAt first blush, the fact that the “700 sq ft” Manhattan mini-loft #9E at 3 Hanover Square sold for $612,000 seems like little to brag about; after all, $874/ft for a well-dressed (“true designer loft apartment”) seems like

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renowned designer created 'masterpiece' loft for himself at 130 Barrow Street, parts with it for money

can you say sui generis on a real estate blog?If you have ever been in lofts in this building you will not recognize the “704 sq ft” Manhattan loft #309 at 130 Barrow Street, which just sold. Lofts here are

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designer of renown will not be pleased that 114 Mercer Street loft sold for $989/ft

perhaps they won’t tell himThe broker babble for the “2,250 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4R at 114 Mercer Street calls Martin Raffone a “renowned New York designer” and the loft “ a warm, modern living environment- a quiet sanctuary away

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20 East 17 Street loft sells plus 6% over Peak

after some workThere are other fun stories here, but the big story in the listing history of the recently-resold “2,125 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 7th floor of 20 East 17 Street is the increase of $129,000 from the

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when the market does not appreciate your renovation, appreciation is limited (43 West 21 Street loft edition)

numbers don’t lie, but they can obscureIf you look at only the October 5 sale of the “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 43 West 21 Street (at $2.04mm) and its most recent resale (July 24,

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at 140 Fifth Avenue, “B” lofts go wild, designer effect boggles

comping is … (you know)The “2,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #8B at 140 Fifth Avenue had a pretty successful campaign this Summer, coming to market at $2.195mm on June 17 and finding the contract by July 29 that closed at

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79 East 2 Street loft sells +57% in 19 months with same floor plan, different skin

selling design to a designer, dearlyThe Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 79 East 2 Street got a lot of press last week because of the celebrity buyer and celebrity seller, as well as because of the spread the

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sale at 97 Crosby Street is a Big Deal for NY Times (for wrong reason)

Old Grey Lady shoots for hip, missesDid anyone else find this piece in the Big Deal feature of Sunday’s real estate section of the NY Times weird? In Rachel Comey Buys SoHo Loft, reporter Liz Harris emphasizes her lack of

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129 Lafayette sells but NOT because of the designer (contra The Observer)

is this Observer week on Manhattan Loft Guy?I swear that I do not read The Observer. (I am not bragging, just swearing.) But for the second time in a week someone linked to an article about a Manhattan loft sale

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