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Chelsea Merc neighbor loft at 245 Seventh Avenue sells at $1,284/ft

across the great divideYes, gentle reader, Manhattan Loft Guy has a thing for the Chelsea Mercantile, the turn of the century condo conversion at 252 Seventh Avenue. (There are 22 Manhattan Loft Guy posts tagged “Chelsea Mercantile” going back to

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67 Hudson Street loft closes off 9% from 2005, with long history

was it shy about the loss?The sale of the “1,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3D at 67 Hudson Street is not new news, as the sale was way back on May 31. Nor was it new news when the deed

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366 Broadway loft sells up 10% over 2004 but flat to 2007

almost prize-winning seller wins by selling at almost his purchase priceSticking with that theme from last week of how is the Manhattan loft market niche doing compared to 2007?, the Manhattan loft #7B at 366 Broadway (the Collect Pond House)

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245 Seventh Avenue loft sells after freezing in nuclear winter

not a new story, but stay for the floor plan pornThe Manhattan loft #2A at 245 Seventh Avenue that sold on April 12 at $1.675mm has a history that includes a nearly perfectly mis-timed sales campaign, starting within a few

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131 Watts Street penthouse loft asks: if you can’t sell in 2006, 2007, 2008, or 2009 …

… can you sell in 2010?If a Manhattan loft owner tried to sell in each year since 2006 without success until two weeks ago, he deserves ample credit for Trying. But does that credit outweigh the Demerits he earned by

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that bento box loft in Noho also provides a Quote Of The Day

double duty is fittingOne owner of the newly renovated loft profiled in today’s New York Times warmed the Manhattan Loft Guy heart with this Quote Of The Day: “we usually turn that function off,” [she] said. “It makes most Americans

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2 cuts (deep), 5 months (short) to contract at Dietz Lantern, 429 Greenwich Street

getting it doneThe Manhattan loft Unit 6B at 429 Greenwich Street, northwest Tribeca’s Dietz Lantern building, closed on December 22 (deed filed January 8) at $2.45mm, the culmination of a fairly serious marketing campaign. They started in May at $2.999mm

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disconnect / sellers struggle to find The Market

The Miller graphs itInteresting graph on yesterday’s Curbed contribution from The Miller, Three Cents Worth: Listing Discount A Spiked Punch . Bottom Line is that what The Miller calls Listing Discount (the gaps between the last listing price and the

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