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Saturday diversion: who is THAT guy?

a pre-Halloween ghoul[oops! posted it without the title; now fixed]Today’s hat tip goes to NY1’s Pat Kiernan, who was on my TV early Wednesday morning with a story about a painted portrait. I may have been watching while standing in

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loft law extension / what's the big deal? UPDATED w maps

passed!Of course I have been following the reports over the last week about the "extension" bill just passed (and to-be-immediately-amended) New York State Loft Law. But it has been very difficult to understand what is has really been at stake

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nahhh, don

  remember those two new public schools for downtown? The TriBeCa Tribune is reporting that two of the new schools slated for construction downtown are delayed, due to what the Mayor’s office terms “delayed funding”. (Not much of an explanation,

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