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visualizing The Market / Manhattan real estate fun at Urban Digs

more to come, he promisesNoah Rosenblatt over at Urban Digs has long been working on data sets, and is getting ever so much closer to being able to publish what will be unique information about the Manhattan real estate market.

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cool Manhattan sales volume data over at UrbanDigs

bumps + troughsNoah Rosenblatt just posted an interesting chart on his blog of average manhattan real estate sales volume (not prices, volume) from 2006 to present. Check out the whole thing for his explanation and cool graphics. He uses city

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March nugget / PruDE's signed contracts up for month

  limited data set, but something Long-time blogger / honest agent Doug Heddings has an interesting slice of current Manhattan coop and condominium market data from PruDE’s signed contracts files for weeks ending from March 6 through April 3. Go

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258 Bway is BOM / why do bad things happen to good contracts?

  trend, or series of unfortunateevents? Within the last week or so I blogged about (a) aloft coming back to the market ten weeks after a contract had beensigned (ohdear / 808 Broadway #2J is back) and wondered if that

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contracts (again) at 90 Prince + 258 Bway

  long, strange trip at 90 Prince? Unit 7A at 90 Prince Street is a peculiar loft (even in a Manhattan filled with ‘unique’ lofts) with a now-tortured history. I reported good news on his baby on July 11 in

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