Saturday diversion: who is THAT guy?

a pre-Halloween ghoul
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Today’s hat tip goes to NY1’s Pat Kiernan, who was on my TV early Wednesday morning with a story about a painted portrait. I may have been watching while standing in the bathroom door brushing my teeth (so, I was kind of far from the screen, more looking than listening) and was focused on the portrait instead of anyone standing along side. I literally had
no idea who was “depicted” until I noted the Mayor and a former mayor alongside.

At which point I nearly sprayed my toothpaste, muttering (more or less) that [so-and-so] never looked that benign a day in his adult life. Or so … thin. Or dignified.

I understand that the point of a portrait is to capture someone’s essence, as opposed to (necessarily) being a strict likeness, but this doesn’t do it for me. FAIL.

Tell me truthfully: Did you know who this was the first time you looked at the portrait? Scares the crap out of me.

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