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did a jazz fan or a muppet maniac buy Mingus's place at 5 Great Jones Street?

cue Cindy Adams(That’s for "only in New York, kids"….) The Manhattan loft #2 at 5 Great Jones Street was marketed for its character ("authentic artist" loft, 14 foot tin ceilings) and its provenance ("[o]nce the home of Jazz great Charles

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10 Bleecker remarkable space holds value remarkably well

as B goes, so goes AYou might look at the successful 9 day marketing campaign (NINE DAYS!) a year ago of the Manhattan loft  #7B at 10 Bleecker Street as a marvel of timing, in the sense of how marvelous

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(kinda) quick trip to closing, but a long trip off ask at 147 Waverly Place

  flipping can be stressful, no? (+ exciting) The story of the marketing and sale of Unit 1E at 147 Waverly Place (a ‘successful’ flip) is not a long story (except as I tell it), but it packs a punch. But first,

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one data point leads to another / net loss on sale at Altair 18

  more flatness, more sideways On a similar theme to my Wednesday post about a flat-market closing at 684 Broadway (one sobering data point / 684 Broadway loft sells slowly, reluctantly), I noted the sale of #2B at 32 West

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one sobering data point / 684 Broadway loft sells slowly, reluctantly

 (9.26.08: my apologies about the hrrible formatting of this post originally; undoubtedly it was human error [fire that guy!]) one small data point for NoHo, how big a fact for broader market??The Manhattan loft 684 Broadway #7E has been on

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data point in a sideways market / closing at 32 West 18 Street

… and sometimes the bear gets youI need to address Josh Barbanel’s latest frustrating review of market data from Sunday’s New York Times (A Mixed Picture) soon, but the money quote for me was from The Miller, who: said that

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