recycling week / my favorite post to date on Jagger, MICs and imperfect lofts

(I am still in France; you are still in Manhattan Loft Guy’s week of recycling.)
One of these days I may edit my March 15 post Jagger’s Law of Imperfect Lofts / life is compromise (sigh) because it is my (current) favorite posting. Not so much for the writing, as for the concept: there are no “perfect” lofts at any price. And I sued the (overly long?) real-life examples of lofts considered by one lovely pair of buyers who had a (relatively) lot of money to spend ($3mm).
Working with them over the course of some months and being in and out of many, many lofts with them generated Jagger’s Law, which is as valid at $1mm as at $3mm, and probably as valid for “apartments” as for Manhattan lofts.
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