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diversion is not about lofts, but about Manhattan real estate

perhaps not very diverting, but there you go Sheesh … the last weekend of the year already. I’ve noted a few End Of Year Review type pieces for future comment, most of which I will likely never get around to

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a diversion, but not a light one / hedge fund 'winners'

some of my best friends editionA diversion does not have to be light or frothy, does it? If you agree with me (‘no’), then you might find this Matt Yglesias piece diverting, if not downright charming. He points to and

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no skyscrapers in Manhattan loft neighborhoods, but why not?

[UPDATE 1.18.12: this topic is ‘news’ again because the Working Paper I talk about below has just been published in an academic journal, which got some press through the New York Observer, Uncanny Valley: The Real Reason There Are No

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required reading: gentrification, preservation and King Canute

whose neighborhood is it anyway?Fascinating (short!) piece in next month’s Atlantic Monthly, available on-line, Gentrification And Its Discontents, in which Benjamin Schwartz not so much reviews but exposes two recent books on Manhattan, Sharon Zukin’s Naked City and Michael Sorkin’s

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