a (rather crude) no Manhattan lofts diversion with ‘advice’ for the departing

there’s a Manhattan real estate angle

I’m a big fan of the Ask A New Yorker feature on Gothamist and of the type of articles to which Jake Dobkins refers in the latest effort, Ask A Native New Yorker: Why Is The NY Times Making Leaving NYC A Thing?. His advice is … er … harsh. And direct. His writing is … pointed:

I have written about this before, and do not want to belabor the point, but you are doing no one a favor by sticking it out here. Your suffering is painful, not just to you, but to your New York acquaintances who are forced to read your “essays” and “personal narratives”. Your physical presence is also driving up rents, leading to longer lines at overpriced coffee bars, and generally harshing the emotional scene on L Train platforms between Union Square and Ridgewood, and in many bars in Prospect Heights.

Of course, Dobkin’s analysis and advice do not cover someone like Andrew Sullivan (who bitches here, but wrote his Outta Here behind a Times of London paywall), but I love his writing. Check out other AANYers here. Yuks abound.

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