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a (rather crude) no Manhattan lofts diversion with ‘advice’ for the departing

there’s a Manhattan real estate angle I’m a big fan of the Ask A New Yorker feature on Gothamist and of the type of articles to which Jake Dobkins refers in the latest effort, Ask A Native New Yorker: Why Is

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Sunday diversion: the Hallelujah chorus

no, not that oneThe music ministry in my parish does wonderful music. Including, adding in the past year, an adaptation of Leonard Cohen’s always haunting Hallelujah. I drove my wife a little bonkers a while back after using The Google

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on its best days, Manhattan Loft Guy meets this (lofty!) standard of criticism

this is not really a diversion from lofts (sorry if this disturbs your Sunday routine)But it will be short …. Polymath Andrew Sullivan gets the hat tip for flagging a piece about written criticism that I take to heart. The

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weekend diversion / into the weeds of grammar with “they” and “he or she”

“Psycho Babble”! (gotta love that)I may not always pay as much attention as I should to grammar, but I have often rewritten sentences to avoid using “he or she” with a single generic referent. (If you think that my sensitivity

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hangover diversion / feel good edition

this is what Ben Smith will be doing??I (almost) never click on 7 minutes videos, but if you want (need?) to start your year off with a smile: video compilation courtesy of BuzzFeed, with a h/t to Andrew Sullivan. ©

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